October 26th, 2012


(no subject)

Oh geeze. I'm a draggin dragon.  Wiped out from yesterday's mad run through the Mazes of Essaydom.  Someone should write a horror novel about university work.  Seriously, I can see ways to make it work.  A Mad Professor, that all the staff and faculty thinks is so great, but secretly is doing psychological experiments on work overload and stress.  Messed up dream sequences, secret lab somewhere with trapped students that went on one of those trips they thought was going to be an overseas field study in their major...

*blinks and pulls brain back* Come on self, you've got a big enough workload.  I started out with the intent to say.  Don't cram into one day what can be done in several if you can avoid it.  It messes you up.

And for the record, I literally just started today's first cup of coffee.  Probably going to be nursing it for hours, I'm running so slow in the mental processing department.

Why yes, I do need my brain in order to remember to take a sip.