October 25th, 2012


Review of the Five Watchers

It took me a few days to finish reading John Cameron McClain's "The Five Watchers," but not because it was slow reading. It was actually a very fast paced book that drew me along on hooks wanting to know what happened next. If found it a much more satisfying read than a lot of ghost stories or horror stories because I was able to more fully get into the heads of the characters.

The characters were well developed and engaging. I can't choose which fascinated me more, but the pig was highly memorable and a huge surprise. Jon Gilden was pretty memorable too, there were audible sounds of surprise at what happened to him. The first part (I don't want to say exactly what it was and spoil it for readers) of what happened to him made me put my Nook down and get a drink to calm down and process, because I was feeling it as strong as the characters that witnessed in. The other psychic also intrigued me... she went even though she had been warned to be prepared for her own death. I was very surprised by how she went out. And in the arena of psychics... just what is it about Noriko that is her protection?

I need to mention setting as well. Shady Glen you wouldn't be able to pay me enough to be in any bordering county. It is that vividly described. I was intrigued, but if anywhere is evil, that's it. At the same time, I want to know even more of the history. I was wanting to know more of the legend of what that thing was that was imprisoned.

There was some gore, so if you've ever had nightmares about being alone in a slaughterhouse, you might want to have the lights on. This is one violent spirit in this story, and in my opinion, very well researched. This is a ghost hunt I could believe. The mystery elements make this a multi-genre book as well, so it has a wider appeal than to just ghost fans.

And, of course, I want to know what happens next. What happens now that the Malevolence has gotten loose? It is a very sweeping story, especially with how the plot swings around a paranormal investigation show. This book, because of how well written it is, is now one of my favorites.  Thank goodness (for me) it's part of a trilogy.

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Ok, come on ... Coffee IVs are supposed to be a joke

Have any of you read this article?

I sometimes (often) joke about how much I like coffee or if it's one of those draggy days how much it takes to get me at an even keel (which varies based on how bad the day is).  I don't want this nurse anywhere near me, my IV when I need one, or my coffee.

Who sticks coffee next to the IV?  And who puts in half a glass of coffee and milk?  Wow.  Glad I don't live in Brazil.


I finished my 4 page essay, and it was an analytical essay as to why there will always be war.  It was loads of awesome.  Then I double checked the requirements again before getting ready to do my first editing pass.

I did it wrong.  I missed the "compare and contrast just war theory, realism, and pacifism" bit for the analytical essay.  Sooooo wrong.  So now I save this version, and go back to the drawing board.