October 21st, 2012


Of unhappy story characters

So chapter 17 in Selkies continues to expand as I get into the rewrite further, and poor Byron's entry to where Etain had just been gets pushed back farther and farther.  There's a rather unhappy waterhorse pouting in my head.  Ryu from Dragon Shaman has some pretty strange discussions with him during his odd attempts to comfort him.

It looks rather like this:

Byron lays and curls on the carpet, deliberately dripping more from his green mane and pelt than he would in the Makay House.  I feel him glaring at my back as he reads the screen, while my fingers tap keys.

"You're a bloody cruel writer, I hope you know Child."
"Am I? I'm sorry, how so?"

My fingers stop their clicking.  I notice a spot where my fingernail is beginning to rub a hole in the "S" key, and another in the "E."

"When are you going to use that chapter section from me arriving at Mara's city?"
"When I get to that part of the story.  Undersea Settlements developed differently than planned.  It split you know."
"Why can't you sit and write linearly?  You've got an outline, you know where it's going, what happens to Mara, how Kirsty gets her skin, what Mara does to her."
"Because I don't think that way.  My thoughts bounce.  Same reason I talk with characters in my head when I'm stuck."

"Damn right about that.  You wouldn't believe some of the stuff she's tried forcing my Kaze-chan to do when working on our story.  She works the same way with our series."

Looking over to the door of my mindspace, Ryu leans against the door frame.  Today he wears his red and yellow lava kimono, his family's crest emblazoned here and there in fiery thread.  The shoulder wings, his kataingu, make him look more imposing than currently suits his young and open face, and dark spiky hair waving in unseen and unfelt heat.

"Like what, dragon?"
"Talk to her mother before she was ready for one.  Not that I don't support her in it, she really should speak properly with Ms Mountainchild and let her know that she is safe and well.  If I do so, then it makes me look more like a kidnapper than a concerned person.  Did I ever tell you about what that poor woman was going through when I met her?"

Ryu sits down next to Byron, and his presence at least dries up the spreading water puddle that the Kelpie was so studiously making in my mind.  I return to writing while the two talk.  The next I look over, they've made a drinking game out of the "abuses" their writer does to them. Loudly.  With Scotch.  I didn't even know that Ryu drank the stuff.

I shake my head, glad that I'm the only one "seeing" this happening.

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