October 20th, 2012


Address difficulties

Having trouble verifying Amazon bus. account to be able to receive kickstarter payments. *sighs* Major problem is the location.  Dude, the town really is fucking here.  The address is valid. I don't want to have to use the old address from Weed.  I'm not there, I'm freaking HERE.

Meanwhile, I'm also still waiting for the bank to get verified.  Will have to ask the bank if those have come in yet next week.


What's left of this semester's money came in.  So it looks like I'll be able to afford a new laptop for my needs.  Won't have to balance work/school, and the kids' school/learning needs regarding computer time.  Still would like to get enough for the Selkies' project to get editing and the editor a compie to work with, in addition to print costs.