October 19th, 2012


So closer to using Kickstarter for my project

I even have a video.  I kept trying to get it under the two minute mark. I kept ending up several over.  So... Ehhhh.

Still iffy on whether or not I could do rewards other than digital (which cost nothing to ship).  Electronic versions of finished books are nice, lord knows I sure am happy when I get them...  But print is always good too.  My main concern there is what shipping would be, so if anyone wants to help me figure out what that can be so I'm prepared for eventualities if I did change rewards and make print copies available (once Selkies' is ready obviously) worldwide.

Argentina, sadly, I don't know if I'd be able to ship to for print books, at least on this.  Probably different if it's an order ya, is importing then?  This is one of the reasons I'm preferring ebook formats for international people.  Why is Customs so confusing?

Anyway, here's the draft that's up now on Kickstarter.  I can't make it live till all my verifications are done, I've still got about a week before I can finish one.  They also seem to be having problems verifying my residential address... that's a problem with living in this town.  So... there's still time to pick at this and get it ready while I'm taking care of all that.

Don't make fun of the video (or my hair, that never lays down when nervous, even when it is long).  I truly do know how idiotic I look and sound in front of a camera.  And yes, there is a reason I was in a dress.

Why's the goal so low?  That's the bare minimum.  I've produced on very little funds before.  It takes longer, but I can do it.  Is that amount the ultimate goal? No, the more that can be raised for the project, the easier it will be to meet printing and editing costs (including proof copies and shipping on the print format) and a big stretch goal could secure money for an up front payment to get an audio version.  I still would be ecstatic if enough could be worked up for a computer to surprise my editor with.  She doesn't make me pay her in money (she's always happy when I do) but that computer example would wipe out debt on all things she's helped edit (ok, so I'd also bring her more manuscripts when done with this project and anyone else I could find needing editing help).

Now, hurry up school money so I can get a second working computer in this house, so I can increase my available time to work.

And to my dear mate. Yep, the story's all your "fault." :P (Everybody thank him, seriously. He puts up with a lot of weirdness from me.)  Faith thanks you for it by the way. "Oh you're working on another story! When do I get to read it? Tell him he needs to get you writing more." on that first day that I took some of it over to her.

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