October 16th, 2012


Of Birthdays and Couches

We went to Redding to eat, celebrating mom's birthday.  Was supposed to be on the 18th, the day of, but she had to come up early, so the trip was made early to conserve gas.  We went to look at an old tow truck my brother wanted to show everyone, then to Hometown Buffet, which was good.  I had two platefuls, one of which full of dessert...  Merlin ate a wide range of food, shoosing things himself and actually getting himself a fairy well balanced spread.  He even decided to have some dessert as well, a rarity for him.  He chose jello.

Then we did mom's shopping, and she insisted on getting everyone the birthday gifts she ended up missing out on doing this year.  Merlin got the Shockwave he's been wanting from the Fall of Cybertron Generations 1 series.  Athena got a couple nice shirts.  It took hours in the Walmart though because everythig was so spread out and poorly organized.

We got back late, and mom was so tired we convinced her to stay the night, so she slept on the futon, and we put the mattress from the old couch on the futon mattress to give her some extra padding, which got her the right level of support.  So she slept comfortably, which pleased me.

After the kids got off to school this morning, and it was a fairly decent hour, the two of us managed to wrangle the dead couch fram onto her trailer.  That thing is heavy, so we were really pleased we managed to get it out there and up onto the trailer.  I hurt now, but we did it.

*pause for "intimidating/comical muscle flexing, looking about as muscular as a pair of chicken legs*

That's right.  Hear me roar.  Right after you stop laughing hard enough to drown me out at the comedic quality of two tiny women winding up pushing a couch around because they can't lift it long enough.