October 15th, 2012


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So, Ma's (friend I met through Tsubaki Shrine) squirrels seem to have invaded my dreams.  I don't remember precisely what went on, but squirrels were involved along with general mayhem.  Too bad I woke with no details, because it would have made an amusing short story.

Oh well, I've got a backlist of stuff to write anyway.

Coooofffffeeeee.... kick in so I can get to Merlin's stop without doing the Zombie Shuffle...

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I get way too excited by fonts.  Jan has her own store site and requested pdfs of my work to help stock her book section.  Plain editions were sent yesterday.  Due to the use of pdfs, and her tastes, this opens up the possibility of special "visual editions" using beautiful but legible typeface and using her decorative watermarks, especially for short story collections.  Then we have how when I make a cover (whether for front cover, or just a separator cover), I like to be able to see how different fontfaces change the feel.  The placement of text in a cover is art in itself, and the more I get to work in that, the more respect I have for other cover artists (which was already very high).

I also need to finish porting some stories to createspace to get these directly onto Amazon.  I'm hoping that Sala can get the chance to finish the recover for Dragon Shaman: Taming the Blowing Wind done.  I want to have the cover done by the same artist that did the second book before I load it there, as the more years that pass, the more irritated I get with the original oil painting I did for the first book...  The sooner the better.  I am furious over the price of that book on Amazon, because there is no way the first book should be THAT expensive.

*sighs* Got to get homework out of the way so I can get back to writing.

Selkies' Skins Extras - Voices



Singing is a big thing for the Makay family, and music in general.  Both of these figure in heavily with their magical practice and life.  Kirsty especially is good at soothing with her voice, and one of the "before the story" happenings involved Kirsty calming an attacking unicorn by singing a lullaby.  The song I'd always thought of her singing in that instance was the Manx Lullaby.

This particular rendition I share has two singers that sound to me very much like Finnol and Etain. Kirsty would have a similar, though slightly younger voice to her mother.  Many thanks to Sláinte for putting this up.  If you like this, you might like checking out other songs they have recorded.  Their music very much portrays the Makay's spirit... or perhaps vice verse, though I found it AFTER conception of this family.

In the Leomaris common room she can often be found singing to soothe everyone's worries before big tests.

On the story archive site I started a page to place and share extra bits of info that readers may find interesting.  That will get updated periodically with new additions, which I will also share here when added.

Selkies' Skins Extras Page



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