October 12th, 2012


So... an official FB author page and a book recommendation

Well, I know have an official author page on Facebook.  This comes about because the writing contest had asked for one, and I did not want to point to the publishing page, because in some cases there is a difference between me as author, and me as publisher.  The fact that I broke down and did that is just plain odd.  On the other hand, it also means that my personal page is that... personal.

In other stuff, I tried out Betty Crocker's gluten free chocolate chip cookies today.  They met with a good reception (and vanished quickly).  So, this is good.  Yes I can make gluten free cookies from scratch, but it's good to know what quick options go over well with the kids.

And I am working out a couple Kickstarter campaigns to raise money for ink and a secondary computer, since both the laptop and the old desktop are down.  With daughter and I both needing to do work on the computer we need at least two in the house... and one definitely needs to be a laptop so I can still do schoolwork and writing/publishing work if I have to/decide to go out of town.  I need to work out feasible prizes for my backers first... and I'm thinking it's best to run the ink money drive and the computer money drive as separate projects (though if I get enough from a first try for both ink and computer, I'm going for it).  I'll also have to figure out when to run the fundraiser campaign.

I'm definitely glad that haikujaguar did that Kickstarter guide, because now I have a clearer idea how to plan and run one.  Seriously, if you are thinking about one, read her guide first.

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