October 9th, 2012


Dreamspace... and why I should not be awoken before my alarm...

So. brief run down on dreams.  The one out of the usual involved

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In other news, Athena actually got up at five today.  Sadly, I broke a piece of wall art Faith gave me years ago, when Athena woke me up to help her find the lightswitch.  Angry at being woken at such ungodly hour, not very coordinated, and blind because I couldn't find my glasses, I swept my hand upward where I thought the switch in the hall should have been...

and missed..

My hand swept up the wall and sent the rose tile shadowbox flying...
Which crashed several feet away...

I now have to get into the shadowbox and glue the tile back where it should be.  Thankfully, the tile itself did not break, just unseated.  I think I might have hit one of the household spirits with it on accident though. 

Kiss Cursed Princess

Daughter read the short story that I submitted for the America's Next Author contest.  

I had been writing the story for her because she had requested a fairy tale with a sad ending and a kiss of death.  I was very happy that she liked the story, because I tried very hard to keep it in the fairy tale style, but could not resist playing with that idea by doing a story within a story.  The copy I showed her from my records I had even gone so far as to make look like an old illuminated text, using one of Maradjen's editable document backgrounds (she is selling these and has a nice selection built up) and a suitable type face, drop caps and all.

So, with the reader that was most important to me regarding that tale, "Kiss Cursed Princess" was a hit.  She did request an extension though, as for her taste, the end was not quite sad enough (though would have been last year in her own estimation).  Therefore, sometime later I will pen an epilogue, as she wants to see the Princess' death scene.  When writing the tale originally, I had thought that if I left that part out, each reader could think of it on their own, and that she might still stand a chance of figuring out how to break the curse.  As I think on it, I can see several possibilities, and don't know which one to choose.

And rereading the FAQ and Rules... I misread.  So the rights for the contest publication are non-exclusive after all, which means I can still do more with this than wait for the contest to end...  I can take it from manuscript form and get it ready for publication elsewhere.  Daughter thinks it would be best in a collection of sad fairy tales.  It will be a project to brainstorm and work on in the background.  To many irons in the fire right now to work on another collection and keep the projects I've already got going through their cycle.