October 3rd, 2012


October Costumery

So, I had been planning on being Kirsty this Halloween.  Since I had to cut off my hair after Fiesta earlier this year, my hair is not long enough yet.  I'd hoped to perhaps find a brown wig that would work.  So far, that's a no go.  I did come across my white wig though, so being Ceru (an rp character from an LOTR rp) may be a possibility.  My white victorian dress did turn up though, so that makes me lean more heavily towards the Kirsty idea.  I suppose I could paint my face to look sealish though, and go as Kirsty when she is older and in the "inbetweenish" selkie state.

Merlin's costume is going to take some ingenuity as well, due to being such a big boy.  I had to stop by Rite Aid earlier, and I saw a few costumes he would have liked.  Mario and Transformers options were too small though.  Those didn't go higher than size 10.  The Yellow Bird from Angry Birds was the same.  They had Red and Black Birds in adult size, that might have fit, but those were nearing $40.  Maybe I can talk him into dressing the part of a wizard though, we've already got stuff that we can do that with.  Or make him a simple cardboard transformer costume, then he can use his Bumblebee mask another year.  Wish I could convince him to go as a spaceman, he'd make a great one (downside... blaster happy Merlin alien on sugar traversing the neighborhood defending a selkie-witch from zombies... I know he'd go there).

Athena plans to go as a pirate anime kitty girl (NOT A FURRY, I WILL STOMPIFY ANOYONE CALLING HER THAT, AS SHE IS NOT A FURRY AND THAT'S A DIFFERENT CAN O' WORMS).  She's got the tail, these adorable paws, cute ears, and has cobbled together a great piratey outfit with the help of a top borrowed from a neighbor and raiding my closet and jewelery cases.  Her costume looks very much like something someone on the good vessel Tempest Queen during some of her more... "interesting" magical supply voyages.