October 1st, 2012


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Daughter finally managed to pass out last night, while watching a National Geographic documentary we have on VHS (yes, we have some of those still).  I was quite pleased that she recognized Lucy right off the bat, and we had a short conversation about australopithicus, and a few others of which I forget at this precise moment.

Need to keep my eyes open for more, she likes those. Can't afford to order them so just have to keep looking for second hand.

Adventures with Daughter's Nook

Daughter: Mom, can I have a new book?
Mom: Depends on the book and price.  Why?
Daughter: I'm doing a paper on pandas for school.
Mom: Alright. I don't have any on pandas, let's see what I can find.
Daughter: Yay. I need it by Wednesday.
Mom: That fast huh. Library, till then.. to the Nookstore!


Later... she has four new sources on her nook to show Teacher.