September 20th, 2012


Poking at the new updating page

Ok, I like the look of the update page that's in beta, much better than the old one.  It's got the mood, music, and location off to the side, instead of down at the bottom where I had it in the old one, which is actually rather convenient.  Poking at the map out of curiosity though, I get this.

I have never before seen all the local names in Russian.  Rather glad that I'm checking this out here and not at my brother's, because I know I'd be getting wierd looks from one person if he was there at the time (ok, he looks at me wierd all the time, but I mean wierder).

On a totally unrelated note, I'm wondering who set the second alarm on my clock, because I don't remember putting that one on last night.  Just the first to get Merlin up for school.

Selkie ramblings

So yesterday was a busy writing day for me.  I forgot how many pages I got done, and what the wordcount was.  I just remember that it was a good chunk.  So this Sunday (maybe Saturday night) will see the rest of chapter 15 go up for Selkies' Skins, while I continue finishing up what is now chapter 16.  Chapters writing themselves out of order was an occasional problem for me when I was practicing in the fanfiction realm (I liked the challenge of writing after and before the story, and the way that character psychology might be, and still doing my best to keep true to the original spirit).  I occasionally had that problem on the two Dragon Shaman novels also.  If I wasn't writing the story first as a serial, that wouldn't be so much of an annoyance to me.

On the plus side, it means when joining up sections again, that I have a little padding posting wise, since when classes start, much of my writing an brewing time will be going to "paper and research" time or flat out "homework and study" time.  And as much as I complain about it during those times, I am glad of the mental stimulation.