September 18th, 2012


Merlin's Prayer

Last night, getting everyone to bed was a chorus of "I forgots" and "we didn'ts."  I did, eventually manage to nearly get everyone down.  Then, as Merlin was stripping off what he didn't plan to wear for bed, came another "I forgot."  I asked him what he'd forgotten this time, but he was so excited that all I got was an incomprehensible string of babble.  So I had to ask him to slow down.  He gave me the Most Exasperated Look Ever, then clapped twice and bowed like we do at the kamidana when making prayers.

So I clued in.

"You forgot to say your prayers?  Ok, you can do that."

"Thank you mom!"

I expected him to do it at the bedside, as we pray there too.  Nope, he tore out of his room like my brother off to a firecall.  So I expected him to go to the kamidana.  He didn't.  He said a brief thank you and skidded to a stop in front of my dad's picture, then centered himself.  Bemused, I followed and watched to see what he was up to, as dad's picture is not in the family shrine area here (though his ashes are, along with the names of others).

He clapped twice.  I felt a warm presence descend that I recognized from when dad was alive, and alight on the wall.  I looked, and the presence indeed had alighted in dad's picture.  Merlin bowed, thanked him for raising me, helping raise him and his sister while he was alive, trying to help with his dad when he and I had been together, and for watching over us.  The he asked my dad to continue watching over us, and went into a long speel about how excited he was that grandma would be coming up tomorrow (today now) and asking him to come too for dinner and family time.  Then he listened and looked at the picture, but he wasn't looking AT the picture at the same time, but instead dad's essence.  After a bit, when whaatever communication was going on between them was done, he clapped and bowed again.  Dad left for... wherever he goes.

Merlin gets that things are separate.  He gets the importance of keeping that connection to our loved ones and that though they are gone, they are always with us.  It was very gratifying to see that he understands that it is a lot of work for someone to raise and care for a person, and that it is something to be thankful for.  And it makes me happy.  He might not fully have as deep a connection to Source, or not display it as much at any rate, but he does understand the importance of ancestors.