September 14th, 2012


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Still things to clean here in the new apartment.  Still working through all the layers of soap scum in the shower from previous tennants.  Yes, we've been in here half a month now, and I'm still working my way through soap scum, despite the bathroom having been scrubbed down prior to our moving in (supposedly).  This makes me really glad that my best friend's mom, Margie, and her sister daughter (Harley's sister), Theresa, were my bosses during my first job.  They taught me ways to get through soap scum that work really well, and I've been applying these here, because it seems that most people do NOT know how to clean a shower or a bath tub properly.

Egads, people, it isn't hard.

Out of curiosity, I left one wall as is from the last scrubdown, for comparison purposes.  My god.  The one is brownish.  The two I have been working on are still showing a layer or two left, but they are much whiter.  We tend to bathe more than shower, so the stuff on the walls isn't from us.  So daaaaannnnnng.  I feel pretty accomplished, and really wish that I could give them both a hug and thank them for teaching me the right way to clean, because I'd feel horrible leaving a shower like this behind for someone else (yes, the one in the old unit I left gleaming like a 5 star hotel should).  It's too bad that both passed of cancer several years ago.  I really miss them.