September 6th, 2012


(no subject)

Today was a paperwork day.  Also, the fridge/freezer were supposed to be fixed.  I don't know if the repairman came, fridge/freezer still aren't as cold as they ought to be.

Did a lot of waiting while up at the county seat for aid processing...  Glad I invested in that Nook for schoolwork, and that I've got Evernote on there.  I get some work done for the next installment of Selkies' Skins, and find myself asking just what Etain's gotten herself into.  I knew that character had a busy life when she's not at Seal Point, but wow.  Now I understand why Kirsty simply wants to specialize in Potions research in seaborn items (yeah, like that'll be allowed, mmhmm).  What she wants to do is far simpler to deal with than the direction her mother's calling went.

Not so keen trying to type out a story into the Nook though.  Regular keyboard makes for swifter typing for me, but Nook is portable and multifunction, so works in a pinch. Syncing the devices notebooks does work well, till I can transfer the finished result to LibreOffice for the final stuff.

So tired.  Need to cook up the last of the meat.  Afraid to buy any more till I know the food storage is working properly, or I'd have gotten the groceries up at Raley's.  No way I can swing gas for a Medford trip this month.