August 30th, 2012


(no subject)

Ash. lots of ash.  The smoke rises and falls at will and without warning.  It's interesting, and scary.  I'm not overly worried, and hopefully not underly so either.  It really reminds me of '89 and the Fountain Fire down by Burney, but with more smoke, and more ash.

Tonight is open house for Athena's school, and they're serving dinner, so Athena wants us to go eat there (less cooking for me) and have icecream.  Tomorrow night is another town meeting where we'll be briefed on the fire status as a group.  I'm glad they do these, it helps deal with the rumor mill.

Lightning is not liking having to stay indoors, but he doesn't like the smoke either.  Merlin is grouchy, and showing signs of either the smoke or the cold that's passing around town effecting him.  He complains of headache and feeling sick, but won't keep his mask on when we have to go outside.

My skin itches, but I can't spare the time for a proper shower, not at the speed I move in there when achy, plus the fear of falling asleep while showering.  I dozed off down at Reginatto's while waiting for Athena's sandwich.  The wait was not very long either.  I have come to the conclusion that now is not a good time to lean against walls for a short rest.