August 29th, 2012


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Oh god... hips hurt soooo bad.  Hard to walk and we've got so much more to move.  most of the boxes and little stuff is moved over at least... but... the furniture....  Once that's over to the new place, can do the final cleaning here.

Unpacking in the new place will take a while, at the rate I'm going to be moving.

Athena's cat is worried about my pain level.  He used his body as a warm compress (my heating pad is packed somewhere) on them, one at a time.  He slept in my bed all night, only moving from where he was curled up against my hips to let me shift position, or to move himself from one hip to the other.  At one point in the night, he tried kneading at the joints to ease the muscles bunched there.  I don't think he was too pleased by his progress, the sound he made... this gripy huffy not a purr, not a growl, not a squeak not a huff combination sound that he only makes in situations I'd be saying "crap" or other words under my breath.

Makes me wonder if he's wondering if he'll have to bust out of the house and go summon someone to keep an eye on me when it's just me.  He'd do it too, that cat.

Also, last I heard yesterday, the fire retreated two or so miles from our town.  Heard it from multiple sources so far, and not had time to check inciwebs to verify.

Will do my dream entry when I get back from Merlin's pick-up.