August 25th, 2012


So not all the smoke is from the Lassen.

There's a fire out by the resevoir.  About 7 miles away.  If you go to the above page, you'll see where the fire is, and if you enlarge it to read easier... McCloud's along the top edge of the image.

The smoke today is so thick, it cuts out a lot of the sun and makes everything quite yellowish.  Lightning is not happy to be forced to stay inside.  He tears around the house intermittently, and tries talking us into opening the door for him.  Athena went over to hang out with one of her friends... I made her wear a face mask and take a benadryl, as even short periods outside are messing with us a lot.  The face mask won't filter all of it, but I don't have ones as good as what's given to the forestry personnel.  I'm glad I have these thick shop masks on hand though from when I was doing the engraving in my painting chops.  Dad always told me to keep some on hand for shop stuff and if smoke got bad, etc.