August 21st, 2012



Hysterectomy scar burns like it's trying to separate.  Not sure if I ought to put in a call to the doc, or if I ought to just take it easy and not do any more lifting.  It really burns and is very distracting.

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Hysterectomy scar has stopped bothering so much, after another day of resting.  Definitely taking people up on their offers of help once I've got the keys to the new apartment.  I couldn't move much of this furniture in myself, and since I'm definitely not supposed to move most of this now...

Yeah.  Pride can take a side step for the big stuff.

Also straightened out a misunderstanding with a neighbor that I didn't even realize had HAPPENED.  I'm flabbergasted, because she's one of my favorites.  Had to assure her that I wasn't moving because of her, but because the kids needed separate bedrooms.  I never hear this neighbor, so why would I be moving because of noise?  Really...  Wow.

Also, the Fireman's calendars arrived, and they look very nice.  Very pleased with mine (and having been able to afford an ad).