August 14th, 2012


Late night adventures in McCloud

Sinus headache is bad.  I know it's from going through the closets, in addition to regular allergies.  Waiting on some tea to finish steeping so I can have a bit of relief.

Sooooo tired.

Sleep was interrupted earlier tonight by the fire crew showing up and parking outside our building.  So one of the older folks got hurt again.  Merlin was watching them from the window (all the light and noise got him up).  He was rather worried about the neighbor.  He knows which one it is, but hasn't been able to convey to me exactly which of them.  The identifier he told me can apply to a couple men in the building.

It is amusing to see how much Merlin looks up to his uncle too.  As soon as he saw uncle had arrived on scene, he knew everything was going to be ok and made that clear.

Not too long after, the phone rang, after I had ascertained that nobody's apartment was building burning down and we weren't being evacuated, and thus had tried to go back to sleep.  The phone call that woke me was from the family we'd gone to the fair with, as they'd seen the trucks outside our building (they're in the next building over) and were wanting to make sure that we were ok (apparently one member was frantic with worry).  After assurances that I was ok, and that it was one of the downstairs neighbors, but that I wasn't sure which of them, everyone was calm again.

After the crew had rolled back out, Merlin refused to go to sleep until I went to the computer, got on Facebook, and posted a thank you to his uncle from him.  An advantage to living in this small town, and where we do, is that you often see how much good the emergency personnel do for the townspeople.  We know we're well taken care of in that department, and thankful.

Now if only my sinuses would stop aching...

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Hot bath first thing in the morning, while still nauseous and before coffee, still tired from a night of little sleep and my sinuses bothering.  Gods... hot bath IN THE MORNING.

I still feel like I'm going to hurl, and I know I'm exhausted, but the difference that it makes in how my body feels, and the pain level...

I have to do misogi in the morning differently than many do, but the fact that finally I can have a way to do it first thing that won't leave me a spasming mess in the bed after...  I'm almost young again with this.  Almost the teenager bathing in the morning to be fresh to greet the sun's rising with reverent eyes and whispered prayers of song and thanks.

Almost.  The aches in my bones remind me.  The sun is already risen.  My body demands sleep, despite how in a few minutes I will be going over to check on things in Big Valley, and participating in my neighbor's driving experience by allowing her to drive me there.  That itself is an odd experience, to allow someone else to drive me, when I have gone so long on my own.

Birthday party for Sam after I get back, I'm not sure yet how long after I get back.  It's still hard to believe the youngest niece has graduated high school

Who dropped the match? So much smoke!

So... my impression of today...

It's smoky as the summer of '92.  There's so much smoke, I could barely see the mountain today when I went out to the car.  The smoke continued all the way into Big Valley at heinous levels, and is apparently so bad it looks overcast in Redding, according to the radio.

No wonder my sinuses were bothering me so dang bad when I got up.

Plus side... it did rain last night, which I did not discover till going outside.