August 11th, 2012


Ah man... my pretty blue rocks...

Dreamed that I was wearing a bunch of turquoise to speed my healing (moving stuff is taking big toll on my body already).  All the turquoise started dissolving.  A beautiful piece that I used to have in a bracelet (in the dream, I'd just gotten it back from the shop after the repair) was especially disheartening to have half the stone just dissolve before my eyes.

I'm guessing it's one of those foundation crumbling dreams, but I'll have to return to it later to puzzle it out, as I've not much time before I have to leave.

So stiff, body hurts so much, and nauseous.  Hope moving about some clears it up, but I know I need to take some of my medication.  I probably should have been using one of the back braces too, maybe I'd better take one with me just in case.