August 10th, 2012


What madness is this?

So I took some stuff to the thrift shop today, the second load of stuff to storage, and got the Jeep fixed.  Productive day.  Whilst I was speleunking through the boxes and bags in the closets, tossing some things and keeping others, what do I find, to my great surprise?

A Punk Rocker Rafael Ninja Turtle action figure.  No joke.  I did not get this particular one during my collecting days, and did not start collecting again after the housefire at Mom's, so I wonder where he came from.  He was in the very bottom layer, where No One Ever Goes, so he has to have been there since the transfer from #26 to #24, at the very least.  Talk about a surprise.

Man this is hard work.  I did also find my 1800's bonnet (shut up, so it's frilly... one of these days I'll dye it, and then it will be more matching my personality). which means...

I can protect my scalp from another sunburn, and have a built in sweatband.  So I'm a bit out of date, I've never been guilty of dressing to the trends anyway.  Merlin bust out laughing too when I put it on, never having seen an adult woman in a bonnet.  I do believe it is time for a history lesson for the little guy.