August 7th, 2012


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So, my trip to Medford for groceries and other necessaries yesterday was... iiinnnnteresting...

The night before, I had to shave my head.  Those that have seen me in person or looked on my facebook page have seen how long my hair was.  It took a long time to get to that length, and finally all the coarse and unhealthy stuff from when I had been horrendously sick while they were trying to find what was wrong with my body had grown out and fallen out.  So what I had to cut was the lovely shiny healthy hair.

I now look like GI Jane.  My scalp had sunburned through all my thick hair, and I have a hereditary dandruff problem, so I get to have flaky peely scalp while I wait for sunburn scalp to go away.  On the bright side... I feel a lot cooler.

On the way to the gas station that day, daughter opened what the thought to me my soda... and got attacked by it...

Missed a turn for a stop... ended up getting what would have been gotten at that exit in Yreka instead.

The car alarm decided to go off on us while at the gas station in Weed... while we were in the car... moving to an open pump.  Yes, that woman having a meltdown and red from embarrassment was me.

Got heckled in Medford by teens too young to drive, simply for being Californian.  Jay walkers with skateboards shouting how they were going to die.  Yep... going when the walk light isn't on sure puts you at risk for it.  Other's were honking at me to move, when I couldn't move till the people in front of me did.

Let's not forget how all the card readers did not want to work when I was around them.  Each of our several stops.

My body also was not cooperating.  I was hobbling by the time we could head home, and after the last stop before leaving Medford, my legs were hurting too much to drive.  My neighbor had to take over.

I was not the only one having a bad day though.  I was very glad that we arrived at her brother's place when we did to drop off his part of the stuff, because we were at least able to give an old lady a place to sit while waiting for someone to come help her get into her car (it had locked itself with her keys and purse in it... never fun when that happens).

Today has not been great for technology either.  The phone is acting up.  It opens up two lines when answered or dialed out.  It fizzes and crackles, and the first minute you can't hear the other party.  The laptop is also acting up, the port for the charger seems to be... dying... which means I will have to either pay to have that fixed, or get a new laptop (or both) as I do need a mobile computer for my writing and classes, as I can't always be at home.

And the charge has just gone out before the most recent backup finished... *sighs*