July 19th, 2012


Homeward Bound review

I just finished reading Homeward Bound by Marantha D. Jenelle. I was first introduced to her work last year, when she sent me a query for help to publish her book the Imayran Chronicles (then the Ihmaeeran Chronicles), that lead into some initial editing on that. Her work was full of the usual things found in the editing process (commas and run-on sentences were the most common problems), but the story was sound, so I agreed to work with her, and was a bit disappointed but totally understanding when she later withdrew the book and decided to go it alone while she finished.

Then she let me know a few months later that she had just published a Sci-Fi short story. I was thrilled when she presented me with my own autographed copy, and got it into my reading queue as fast as possible. The kids wanted me to read it aloud to them so we could enjoy it together, so I did.

Homeward Bound is a short (less than 100 page) aliens on Earth Sci-Fi, great for light reading when you are not feeling well or are just looking to escape for a bit. When I read it aloud with my children they were spellbound, wanting to hear more, so it was read over the course of two nights. The denouement at the end was nicely handled, and as for the scene of overcoming the evil aliens, it was refreshing to see a surprise attack ACTUALLY SUCCEED since I so rarely see it happen in any books. Usually when I read a book and a surprise attack is mounted on anyone, it seems like the surprise attack always fails epically. This actually had the kids cheering, as they have noticed the same. I would have to say that this is an all ages book.

I am so very pleased to see how much she has improved since I first began reading her works, and look forward to the next release.

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