July 18th, 2012


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So last night while reading Homeward Bound (Jan's book, totally different from the dog story by the same name) the kids were in an art mood.  Indeed, Athena had been doing arty things all day after getting home from our trip to Yreka.  Everyone had had an urge to watch Hamtaro, so we'd watched some episodes before story time.  For this reason, the TV was still on, and the kids decided they were going to draw Hamtaro while I read to them, using the image on the dvd menu as their reference.

Athena's is not done yet (and Merlin got a hold of it and colored the orange bit, with sent Athena off) and will likely go into her deviant art gallery once she's finished with it.  Merlin's is done though.  So I thought I would show them both off, as they did quite well.

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