July 17th, 2012


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\o/ Finished doing that reading/proofreading and sent the file off to the author so she can fix those booboos.  I feel accomplished.

Have another book added to my list.  Homeward Bound by Marantha Jennelle that I have been given by the author.  I will be doing a read and review as a thank you (give me books for free even though I didn't ask? Darn tootin' I'll read and give an opinion. Especially AUTOGRAPHED, because that's really nice and I understand needing peer reviews.)

Got to make more headway on Selkies' Skins and on DS3 before school.  I feel the end of summer break approaching, which means more white frazzle hair, and more flailing ear chews for poor Vad and Bear to deal with upon the return of ALL ZE ASSIGNMENTS AND PAPERS.

And now... to bed!  Oh wait, I'm already there.  Under the covers then!  Con mucho gusto!

Oh yeah, maybe I stayed up a bit late.  Or tea at this hour is bad.

Selkies' Skins is now listed on the Web Fiction Guide

I just found out that "Selkies' Skins" made it onto Top Web Fiction, so all future posts on the story will be having a link to be able to go and vote for it on that site, and I'll go back and put the link on the past postings for new readers.  I'm pretty happy that it is there, and curious to see how well it does.

The Listing: Selkies' Skins

Already read it and would like to go vote? Cast a vote.

The voting is weekly.