July 11th, 2012


My day's news

And 100 pages of proofing, for a total of 200 pages out of 438 in a period of two days since opening the file up.  I found a bunch of things to note for the author's attention.  I'm quite pleased with my progress.

Once classes start up, I won't be able to go at that rate.  But I'm still quite glad I took the summer off so that I'm not dealing with the kids interrupting my stuides.  Love them very much, but definitely do not see how I would be able to maintain my grades with their (especially Athena's) shenanigans when they are out of school. [And now wondering how stuff I know I didn't type ends up getting sent through]

Speaking of Athena.  Not too pleased with her right now.
1. Riding bike without helmet. Again.  Not safe and can get expensive if she gets ticketed between here and her friends' houses.
2. Attitude and back talk.
3. Taking for granted good terms with people.
4. Messed up her bike chain, it now needs tightening.
5.  She was given a wheelchair (no big deal, been a few times we've needed one) and then proceeded to ride it home from her friend's house.  She did not need to ride in it.  I find this incredibly rude and insensitive that she did it when she didn't need to.  There are people around here that need to use them to get around, so it is especially galling to see the contrast here... and that she doesn't see it.
6. She tried to talk me into letting her ride it over to another friend's house for a sleepover, because her bike chain isn't fixed yet. NO!  It's not transportation for that. Again, she didn't grasp it when I tried explaining it.