July 10th, 2012


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  • Burble One
Now that I'm home, I was able to safely download the file for Kirsten Koller's first book of the Dragon's Storm trilogy, without worrying about the net pooping on me mid download/save.  As previously noted, said connection at mom's loves to do that to me when I've got something I really really really want to do without problems.

Got the file though. *brandishes it*

I'm going to start reading through Captured by Fate again, and noting in there what needs fixing.  After having corresponding with her in mails, I can totally sympathize with what happened.  I'm looking forward to getting to look over the second book for her also when she's ready for that.  So today I'm starting on that after I get updates done on the computer programs, before I take some me writing time.

  • Burble Two
I've got to figure out ways to help find Faith some paid editing gigs though.  The more well known her name gets, the more likely she'll be able to generate income to help support her family.  So, if anyone out there is looking for a good editor, she's got openings, and I'm quite certain that at this point she'd be happy to work for a copy of her own for any manuscript anyone is working on.  She needs to build her clientele (I do took but she's got more people to feed and her diabetes, so I'm more worried about getting her some clients than myself).  Anyone that is interested, pm me and I'll pass along contact info.

I've not been able to get over there to take her some files of my own to work on, so I'm seriously thinking of just dropping a sheaf of hardcopy for Selkie's Skins in the mail for her as a surprise (bonus if I can scrape together some money to send her so she can get herself something nice or get a surprise better meal for her family over there.  Seriously folks, if you could meet Faith, you all would totally understand my deep respect for her.