July 5th, 2012


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So tired.

Yesterday was busy.  Woke late, kids woke late, so late leaving for the lake.  Which was alright actually, as otherwise I might not have gotten to spend a little time with mate.  Would have liked spending longer, but the kids eventually woke, started complaining, and that was that... *sigh*

Lake was busy.  We almost got stuck because of course the people at the spot we were at parked in such a way and set their stuff in such a way that the center was not available to pass through.  So it was required to do some creative backing.  Got us out when the kids were done though (ok, so more like when it was time to come back).

Came back to rest a bit from the lake before taking kids to park.  Was not feeling well, due to so much sun.  Kids called their dad though and we arranged their visit with him.  This was tiring.  Also we did my dye job on my hair, which looks better in the sun.

We did parkness.  Had to leave early because someone was smoking pot.  Daughter and I both felt ill and itchy, but since we left quick the exposure was brief at least.  Not happy that someone would light that stuff up at a park though.  It's a consideration thing since there are those rare individuals that have reactions, and especially galling since I am so careful about what the kids and I get exposed to. *deep disappointed sigh* And Merlin had been having fun.

Went to April's mom's for bbq, cupcakes in tow (yes some survived that long).  I do have a picture of them, but have yet to figure out how to get it of the phone of frustrations.  Regular camera is still missing, so Athena ended up taking pictures of the fireworks that came after with her dsi.  Ate entirely too much food (like, two plates full).

Then got home and it took at least half an hour to get on the messenger to check in.  Yahoo's messenger just wouldn't work, kept freezing and hanging before finishing log in.  Ended up giving up on the normal one and used trillian.  Have yet to find out if yahoo is working, or just uninstall and reinstall (that process froze last night too).  Not going to fiddle with that if that's the case, till AFTER coffee.

God I feel sick, too much sun, too much activity.

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Have offered Karen Koller to proof read her next book for her as a donation, when she's ready to have it proofed.  I had originally found her in Kickstarter, I think it was through haikujaguar posting about the Kickstarter in her journal.  Karen Koller is working on the The Dragon's Storm Trilogy, the first of which is "Captured by Fate."  As some will already know, I loved the first book, other than the typos, as it has a very sound plotline.  The characters are strong, and it's not your usual shifter or your usual dragon book.  Instead, you're reading from the Dragon's point of view.  The objective is for Sithen, formerly the last of the Storm Dragons, to revive his race.  A strong willed human female figures into the tale, with her objective of capturing a dragon (much different sort than Sithen) for the Emperor.  However, her plan goes awry when her spell has unexpected results...

So I am hoping that even though I probably won't be able to afford picking up the next book, that at least I can help her get the next to publication in a better state so that she'll have more readers on it.

To get Book One of the Dragon's Storm (Captured by Fate)
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Ginny Griffin

I just got off the phone with my friend Grease (John Krauss) who called to let me know that his children's book "Ginny Griffin" he expects to be available in a few weeks.  "Ginny Griffin is a book about a young griffin's first day of school.  As this is something that he has been working on for ages now, this news pleases me.  So when it is available, I will be sure to point to where it can be obtained.