July 3rd, 2012


About the new phone

So, I finally got through to Trackfone to get my cellphone activated and the old number moved to it.  Could take up to two days for that to finish.  Could have done it myself if the old phone wasn't whitescreened.  Have not gotten the chance to try pulling the contacts off the old phone via computer yet.

Also, new phone does NOT have a world clock.  Argh.  It will be more difficult to keep accurate track of the time in Quilmes, since it jumps depending on time of year. -_- Not to mention over whre Bear and Blu are when I need to check.  Urgh.  It does have a camera though, and once it's fully activated we shall see how well it can handle texts and emails (I can haz more convenient messaging???)

Did not have the chance to write down last night's dreams. *sighs* Busy morning.  Busy day.

Now... got to figure out how to set the time properly on the NEW phone.  Guidebook does not say now, nor can I find it looking through everything on the phone.

Ok, unhappy that the time will only fix itself after the activation is finalized.  Just finished looking that up.

Also... liked the old phone better, it had more alarm slots, which was freaking convenient for cooking and laundry...  Meeeeehhhhhhh.  This one does supposedly have a sim card under the battery though (I did not see any indications of the sort when putting in the battery to charge the phone last night though...).

Strawberry Cupcakes!

Ok.  I'm making strawberry cupcakes totally from scratch.  I was going to use a recipe Rowan showed me, bu the computers ate the bookmark, I haven't found it looking through the online backups, and the messenger has no history of the link. GRRRR.

I did find one similar though, so I'm running with that and seeing how well it pans out, converting the flour to a rice flour for Athena, and the milk to goat milk (and the butter to her butter substitute).  I'm planning to try making a goat yogurt frosting, and then will top with blueberries, for a "red" white and blue theme, due to tomorrow being July 4th (Independence Day, granted setting aside my gripes).

Hopefully once I'm done with them, I can get some decent pictures and uplaod them.  They are no doubt going to be prettier in my head than they actually turn out, but We Shall Seeeee!


Ok...  Who took off with my big cupcake try? Huh?  Leave me with the puny two 6 cup trays.  Revealeth where thou hidest my Good Tray!  Else I shalt brandish a rolling pin till thou diest of laugher.  I'd do it too.  I'm warning you, kitchen imp.  I'll share if you help though. :P