June 28th, 2012


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 So, one of my erotic shorts is nearly ready to put up on that Smashwords account.  Felt rather odd to be writing in the sci-fi genre since I normally do straight up fantasy works.  I need to get a cover done for it, and I need to give it a couple read-throughs to make sure I've got any mistakes caught, and to be looking for places that I need to explain more (or less).  It's dealing with plant-people, and it's just a short (ok, so four chapters, but short by their standards), but while working on it I did see potential for that to have other shorts to follow on that line, depending on how well it sells and if the civilization drags me along again.  Just this brief touch on it, the civilization is very different than ours.

There is a lot I'd like to explore more, like their technology.  thinking on it, I think I need to describe the Herbalist's duties and the area of their work better.  And probably the origin of their people a bit more.  How they evolved to walk, while others that they are still dependent on and must interbreed with when the unfavorable genetic traits come too strongly can not leave their spot, intrigues me.

Stop laughing, for me writing this kind of thing is a challenge (despite having been told years before that I did well writing erotic things).  And I may as well get the different manuscripts of all genres polished up and do something with them.  They don't help feed kids just sitting there.

Hm.  I've heard it said that writers have strange minds.  Right now I think I'd have to agree.  And before I do any work on any manuscript  I need to finish cleaning.  Even though my body aches deep in the bones from all the cleaning.  I know the level I'm doing rather conflicts with dr orders, but... someone's got to do it.  Can't afford a maid.

Just hope certain little gremlins don't wreck the place again when I can stop and recover from hours of straight cleaning.

*eyes the corner, and then hopes the kids didn't destroy her earlier work in their room*
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