June 6th, 2012


Huh? Wha?

Was dreaming about dancing with my mate and having a very nice conversation in which I'd been left blushing and only able to stammer "ahhh... you're so sweeeet."  Then, from nowhere I hear, from under my mattress, directly under my right ear, "heyheyhey.  Time to get up" and some nonsense words like you'd say to a batter.  Swear it sounded like a little league dad, and automatically had the image of a short greying caucasian with blue eyes and a red baseball jacket... though only several inches tall.  Didn't even have time for a "what huh" before the alarm goes off.  Very much the feeling of the unexpected play coming out of right field.

Guess I'd better leave out a gift for the little man under my bed.  Just in case.  Maybe he knows where the charger base for my nook went so I don't have to borrow Athena's again.

*going to be scratching head at this one for a while*

THG StarDragon website update complete

It bears mentioning that Victoria Davis, Rowan Wookey, and Matt Land have finished with the revamp for the publishing website, updating the content and given the site a better face, as well as adding a shopping cart for those that would like to order books from my site and have the option of getting signed copies of most of the available titles.

THG StarDragon Publishing

Thank you all.

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