June 1st, 2012


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Next week is the last day of "Parenting Now" class.  It's been a good class, and the group setting with other parents has been a good thing for all of us as we discuss our particular challenges and formulate strategies for evolving families.  Merlin has been enjoying playing with the other kids, and has even been eating a bit at the table with everyone during our pre-class dinners at the resource center.  Athena has been attending the classes with me, instead of going with the other kids for the activities, as she is interested.  I am glad that she wanted to attend, as the perspective of someone that is still a child has been really interesting to have incorporated into the discussions.  It also pleases me that she is taking classes way before becoming a parent.  I think the education will be a good thing in the event that she does have kids, and also gives her more perspective on my position as the parent and why I say and do as I do.  She was also wanting to learn things that could help her with her brother.  I think so far she has achieved her goal, and talking about it yesterday, she feels the same.