May 29th, 2012


A day I gave away coffee!

Alarm did not go off, so woke late.

Dropped Athena off at school and checked her in after everyone did a panicked "ahhhh!!! Athena's late!!!" morning dressing blitz.  Merlin got changed in an impressively short amount of time considering he'd worn his Spiderman jammies with fifty zillion buttons (ok, so it seems that many when hurried).  Then off to drive Merlin to school.  Dropped him off at school.

Had time to kill, was in the neighborhood, and had been hoping to go visit today anyway, so I decided to visit Faith.  I did not print up the manuscript for "Selkies'" to give her a hard copy with, because I'd been doing other things last night and had been intending to do it in the morning.  So I didn't have that to give her.  I did buy iced coffees though, intending to surprise the household not only with a visit, but with gifts.  And I know they don't get to have fancy coffees often.  I miscounted and didnt get one for myself, which I realized on the way over but thought. "Ah heck, I can go till later in the day and have coffee later.  Watching everyone will be enough."

I was right.  Never saw eyes go so big when there wasn't something attached to teeth.  It was priceless to see those grins and the "For me? Really?" reactions from the household.  Especially Faith's hubby.  He'd never had an iced coffee before.  so I got to give him his first, which felt really cool to be able to give him such a treat.

I tried not to let anyone see me get teary eyed, but it made me so happy to see them so happy.  Had a good long visit that lasted till time to get Merlin.  Was very needed for all, I think.  Been a long time since I felt so awake when NOT having coffee myself.

Athena will be doing a play later today at her school.  She's going to be Miss Piggy.