May 27th, 2012


Bookmarks... Oh the bookmarks

So, all those years worth of bookmarks (as in including from the days I was still only on Big Green all through the other computers) were getting rather scary-messy again, despite getting organized as I went.  A good deal of it was due to kids making new ones, and even more came from restoring from xmarks when some would mysteriously go missing.

I was grumpy and tired yesterday, so it was a good day to buckle down and do it, since I was off kilter and my writing desire had piddled out to go lurk in a corner with blunt instruments for fending me off... along with the muses for all I know (muses with clubs, oh crap).

They are know mostly organized.  I have a few more folders to combine, re-sort, and deal with picking out duplicates.  The forums folder I am not looking forward to, as many of them are now dead (like, totally gonesville, man), though a fair amount are for rpgs that I just no longer play and have little desire to go back to and meet the new crowd (if there is one).

So...  Still a frizzy frazzle fox.