May 26th, 2012


Typos Fixed in Selkies' Skins

*deep sigh*

Selkies' Skins has had the typos fixed in the main file, as well as the individual posts.  If anyone reading them does find any, please feel free to point out the typos.  I hate typos.

The story is getting long enough that I really should make a Table of Contents page for it.

Current Chapters are as follows.  Links should take you to the Dreamwidth location.

Chapter One: Land and Sea

Chapter Two: Pocket of Death

Chapter Three: Waterhorse Worry

Chapter Four: Visions and Vessels

Chapter Five: Lady of the Well

Chapter Six: Etain's Dilemma
Chapter Seven: Selkie Refuge

Chapter Eight is currently being written, and I am considering that it might go up in sections instead of one long post, since this gets cross posted to Livejournal as well, and I would like to take into consideration people's friends lists.  I still have not gotten the master file to my editor, and hopefully will be less sneezy by the time I do.  Even though it's only allergies making me sneeze, I really would rather not sneeze my coffee all over her kitchen.  Especially if her husband goes to the trouble of busting out the fancy stuff while we talk of writing and lapidary things.

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