May 24th, 2012


(no subject)

Allergies are kicking my butt, to use the words of my niece.  My two oldest ones dropped by yesterday, one to borrow the camcorder for her trip, the other to pick up a shipment of books, both to check on me.

I was asleep at the time, though I woke up enough to be semi-coherent and hand them their things.  And hugs.  Though I nearly collapsed giving hugs.

Last night's dream was weird.  Something about a cliff face I was climbing, that had lots of vegetation.

I apparently slept funny, shoulder feels stretched (not in good way).

Redo of DS1, with the typos fixed, is done.  I still wonder how those got through when I know I had checked them before making the final version live.  Need to go through disks and decide what additional things I'd like to put in the new edition.  Maybe some of the deleted scenes if I can find them.

With that done other than the cover and the extras, planning to move back into working on DS3 and on Selkies' Skins, provided my allergies let me, that I stay awake, and I can carry the laptop to bed with me later.


I want to write, but I'm too out of it!  Had a parenting class I was going to attend later today, might have to bow out of it like I did today's meditation facilitation.  Focus is crap.  Hard to stay awake too, spent most of the day asleep.