May 20th, 2012


Regarding "Selkies' Skins" manuscript


Did a read through of the master file for Selkies' skins last night and found a number of errors that managed to slip through somehow.  That bugs me.  I cleaned those up though, and I'll get the file to Faith sometime this month for her to give a look-over, now that I've got enough pages to give her something that will keep her busy for a little bit.  I'll give her a call sometime in the next few days and find out if she'd rather me send it digital, or if I ought to bring her by a double spaced hard copy so she doesn't have to have a laptop on her lap.

I do miss living closer to her, and being able to just walk up the street for a chat and coffee.

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Last night's Dream of Tsunami and Oddness

So last night was a bit odd after getting to sleep.  Yes, this is the rare public dream post.

I wasn't myself in this dream, but like I was inside someone else, who I did not know at all.  Not controlling, just your average "huh, this is weird, what am I doing here" passenger.

This lady was wandering around the countryside, and wound up near what looked like some sort of con.  There were people in weird costumes, and a Faire set up in a cave, which was open on one side to land and higher mountains, and on the other to a near cliff that plunged waaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaaay down into the sea.  So woman joins up, along with kids, and wanders security among the booths.  Her kids take off though, so she has to chase them down, with a bunch of other kids that all wanted to go near the cliff adults had told them not to go to, because there were several ships that had been washed up and deposited by a recent tsunami.  So woman spent all day having to physically drag these overly curious kids away from there with no help, because everyone else was busy doing their own stuff.

THEN, at the end of the day, she gets yelled at by head honcho for not doing her job, as apparently there had been thefts.

Don't ask me how, but somehow she ended up paying $100 by card to stay the night to have a place to eat and sleep.

THEN, there was the rushing of the water way down below drawing back, exposing more of the dropoff.  By the geology of the area, we're somewhere near a plate edge, so of course I'm really interested and want a look over myself to see what's down there, which panics the body's driver, recognizing a thought that wasn't hers.  I didn't get kicked out, but it was sure a weird feeling.  Now, her kids had yet again disappeared during the argument with head honcho, and she found them near the cliff yet again, this time playing with a kitten and momma cat (both this adorable grey and white striping, mostly grey).

I was told not to worry about the incoming tsunami, that this had been happening a lot lately, and that we were all safe because we were above the reach.  I was not so convinced because something about this felt "different."  So I grabbed kids, who grabbed cats, and we beat for higher ground.  Tsunami I could see behind us, and it was both the most awesome thing to see that wall building so high, and the scariest thing ever.  When it broke, it indeed washed into the cave, taking most of what had been there.

I got woken up by Merlin asking for pizza.  And cat deciding to lay on my legs.