May 16th, 2012


In which I record things of note

The publishing website is getting updated, both in look and content.  Sala has come up with an awesome layout that I am very pleased with, and very much looking forward to seeing that go live when the update is ready.  She is always so excellent at coming up with just the thing based on a (sometimes crappy and incoherent) description of what a person is wanting done.  And the colors being used in the new site design?  Right on the mark.  Very much looking forward to seeing that project finished and live.  Mott is helping too, and Bear is doing the overlord-iness part (he is the web host, after all).

As for me, I crashed out today.  I'd intended on doing more of my homework.  Sleep decided I'd skimped enough though.

Lightning isn't helping me stay awake either.  I shall have to write a Lightning's Job short soon, related to "the importance of sleep."  I swear that cat can reprimand me in his sleep.  Yes, he is currently curled up next to me on the bed using my now bunched up nest of blanket for a pillow.

And speaking of writing, I got a request as to whether I am going to finish the Spirited Away fanfictions under LadyRainStarDragon on  And the answer is, yes.  Those that are not finished I do intend to finish, Rain has not forgotten.  Just been busy with other projects.  The summer will have writing time, so they are most likely going to wind up in the to dos finally, as well as all the other projects.

And so, onward, to the day!
Do I gotta?
How about I-
Nope. :P