May 15th, 2012


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So much for having gone to bed when I'd been intending.

First, broken donation links got brought to my attention.  "Selkie's Skins" Donation buttons have been fixed.  I need to go fix "Shen's Tale" buttons later.

Was laying down looking forward to sleep, when the first nosebleed of the summer struck.  No, it didn't get me, though I've got the twinge between the eyes telling me one's likely for me.  Poor Merlin has the dubious distinction of the first summer nosebleed.

Poor kid.  Took 20 minutes to get it stopped, and ice.  Bathroom still isn't fully clean, but I need more coordination to clean up the creative places Merlin wiped the blood. *sighs*

Mommy: got to pinch hard for at least 10 minutes.  Don't let go till the timer goes off.
Merlin: Ok.
*1 minute later while mommy is attempting to clean up at least what's in the walkway while it's easy before Athena gets up at slips in it or something*
Merlin: Mommy? I need a new nose paper.
*look* *all over again*