May 1st, 2012


Today in bullets

  • Tired.
  • Have got to schedule time for Merlin to have a sleepover soon, he's been waiting a while now.  I know the boys want to have a game and hang out day.
  • Missed my eye exam today.  Pulled an Absent Minded Professor move.  Gah...
  • Merlin, on his way in, was originally going to put his jacket down for me to walk over, to keep my shoes dry.  I thanked him and convinced him it wasn't necessary before he managed to put it down (whew, appreciate the thought, but not keen on more laundry).  He settled for shielding me from possible sprinkler fallout instead.  All without asking.  No idea where the random gallantry came from.  But it is appreciated and I told him so.
  • Laundry (yes Vad, more. I'm still catching up from falling behind. Much closer.)
  • Classroom was down longer than school said it was going to be.