April 25th, 2012


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So, yesterday my Autism Angels pendant arrived.  I'm pretty pleased with how the wings form a heart around a puzzle piece.  Later I'll get one for Athena too.  She also surprised me yesterday by commenting on how lonely Merlin is, and that she wished he could see his friends more... and had some in town.  He does have one of his own in town, but doesn't get to see that child often other than in school.  So will need to make sure we can get those two together to play this summer.  Also need to schedule him a sleepover with his friend from over the hill soon too.  Once this class is over, I won't have to worry about homework.

Also, a package from the UK arrived.  Bear sent Merlin a shirt from that qwertee.com tshirt site that he got.  An amusing crossover between Pikachu and Chewbacca.  He wore it to school today, and he insisted that Athena eat the sweets that accompanied it with him.  Was funny watching those two last night. "I got shirt for being good?" Yes Merlin. "Yay! I like shirt!"