April 21st, 2012


Today at the water

Took the kids and a couple of their friends to the water today.  First we went to upper falls, but it was too fast and too cold.  So I took them to the resevoir and turned them loose upon the world.  They were good, though Merlin didn't want to leave at the end and so we didn't get away as fast as we needed to.  Someone upwind lit up with something that smelled of skunk, and I happen to have an allergy to that (I swear, seems like there is so much that will make me rash out if I get exposed to, and this was stuff they don't need to be around anyway, hence why I REALLY wanted to move quick away).

Rather annoying, there was not even a breeze to speak of until one of the groups out there lit up.  Then blows right for us. Oh well...

Making progress on my essay.

Not so much progress on fun writing.

Finally figuring out how to get through the godawful lag on Pottermore to be able to brew potions and duel. *eyes a window speculatively, debating whether or not to get a full name to issue a challenge (and probably get her own tail whooped)*

The 3 Goobers

An off the cuff tribute to my daughter and a couple of her friends.  Born from kitchen comedy, reminding them they are all goobers, and a "threat" to get them all sombreros.

Sadly, as this is mouse drawn, it looks like... well... The Three Goobers