April 18th, 2012


Miercoles con dos espressos

I was going to put Wednesday with two espressos.  But that came out instead.  You can all stop giggling at me now.  At least it's correct, even though I always worry about sounding childish when I write or try to speak, and even more so when I go to speak or write in English, and discover I wasn't thinking in English at all.

So, two cups of espresso have been drunk so far today, and will go through the can of espresso before getting anything else (I'll probably just stick with espresso though).

Spent time on Pottermore.  Got my wand.  Hawthorn with phoenix feather core, 10 and 3/4 inches, unyielding.  Not a bad wand actually.  Looking forward to when Athena plays some and seeing what she ends up with.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn't paired with a willow wand, but seriously, hawthorn is pretty well balanced, and I couldn't help chuckling when reading about the pairing with "conflicted nature" so it certainly fits.  Goruden and I both had a good laugh about the "unyielding" bit.

Looking forward to when I get as far as the sorting.  I'm hoping either Griffindor or Ravenclaw.  This actually was one of the subjects at dinner last night.  The family had all gone to LaiLai's for Sandi's (April's mom) birthday, and the girls, Athena, and I started talking Pottermore and Harry Potter, and Athena and I getting impatient for our registration emails to arrive (they came in this morning).  Slitherin niece, and I do believe the other was Ravenclaw.  We all believe it likely that daughter will end up in Ravenclaw, though I still am not going to be surprised if she lands a spot in Slitherin.  This is especially an amusing thought as while younger niece was doing her sorting, it glitched three times and she kept having to redo it.  She claims the other three houses just rejected her.  I maintain it happened because even Slitherin was afraid (Love you Sam... but you can get scary when your will is focused to something. XD).

Amused, I am.  Definitely will have to watch how I allocate time though.  At least those that have to put up with me won't have to deal with me being as grumpy as I normally am.

Those interested in friending daughter, poke me in messages or mails, and I'll tell you her screenname.  Mine's in a reply on the previous post.  But if you don't want to look for it, poke me and I'll tell you mine too.

Now if only Pottermore didn't hang so much...  However, good desktop is starting to lag so can't blame it all on the game.  Time to do some servicing.

Yes bear, I updated yesterday, before you say anything. :P

What? Nooooooooo!

-_- I got sorted into Slytherin...

Sala jinxed me.

Ok, I feel better.  House windows looking out into the lake.  Wait... INTO?  Merpeople...

Hrmmm.... ideas...