April 9th, 2012


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Am in Yuba City for the night.  Tomorrow will be Merlin's appointment at the hospital.  Got the car taken care of before coming down.


Merlin's seen Project Glass on the quick news... is interested.  Uh oh...

He was crankier today than last time, mostly from having a set destination and wanting to get through to it.  Mommy was crankier than usual due to stressing on traffic.

Did get to take Athena to the park while Merlin was at school.  So we got to go to the one in Mt Shasta, and said before trip prayers together at our favorite spot there, after doing The Walk.  She was very happy about getting to do that again, she'd been asking for a while when we could.

And the usual, missing a certain young man who knows darn well who he is.