March 30th, 2012


(no subject)

So, I just submitted my term paper for this current class.  I feel rather satisfied with it.  I also feel rather satisfied with this class, as I was challenged to have a paper done every two weeks whilst discussing on the forum with several others regarding their own.  I did not get as much story writing or painting done as I would have liked to, but by golly... I was still writing up a storm.  As I have had to write in so many formats for these classes, and on very short deadlines, I feel like I have been given excellent exercises in being a stronger writer, which I dearly hope carries over from essays and papers into my fiction.

I'm serious, I really feel like I've met some great challenges.  I have two honor societies that I would be eligible to join, if I could afford the dues.  I have done so much research that I literally have lost count of how many books, journals, essays and other writings that I have gone through and assimilated into my knowledge.  And this has been done while raising two high maintenance kids and dealing with health challenges and financial challenges.  I don't feel like a failure.  I still wish I had never taken that terrifyingly long hiatus from school, but I feel like I am at least making headway on "catching up" to my expectations of myself that I had when younger.  And although my creative time has not been great, I still have not completely lost it.

Now I just wait and chew my nails wondering what my paper grade and my overall class grade will be, while waiting for the next class to start.  I will endeavor not to stress too much though, as I need the short reprieve for mental rebuilding (and hey, family time without Paper of Doom hanging over our collective heads).