March 24th, 2012


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Yesterday I took for a mental health day and pretty much just did writing and cleaning.  My desk area isn't nearly so cluttered now, thank goodness.  I also did manage some more work in Dragon Shaman's third book.  I think I'm going to have to change my rough outline though, just like when I was doing the other two books for the series, and before that playing around in the Spirited Away subniche of fanfiction... I've got sections that want to write themselves before I can do what I want to do... and what I want is to focus more on Marie so that she and her sister Marcella can have their section of the tale told.

Then of course there's Ryu who keeps wanting me to skip to the last book I'd had planned for the series... then goes "no wait, on second thought write this first. I'm not ready for that!


When I first seriously got back into writing, I had wondered if others that wrote had similar problems.  Since then, talking to others over the years, at least I know that I'm not alone in it.  But still.  Headspace already cramped.

Hana: Perfect time to throw a party, now where did I put those big speakers.  And I'll find something with lots of distracting bass.

Nooooo!  Bad! Should be switching focus back to term paper. Baaaaad.

Ahhhh.... Morning thoughts...  How they seldom make sense.  At least there is coffee.  Though I really ought to pick up some nice chicory root to grind and brew one of these days.  I keep hearing about that coffeeless cowboy coffee now and then, and I still want to try some just to say I did.