March 20th, 2012


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Both kids back in school. Yaaaayyyyyy!  The populace and mommy rejoiceth!  I dropped off Athena and even her nemesis looked relieved and happy to see her.

*best Billy Mays voice* But wait, there's more!

Merlin goes for his consult at the dental specialist for the autistic kids on the 26th.  After that's done, we can schedule him for the real work.  Half a state away, so it's going to be a looooong drive.  Fair Oaks... oh... checking out the map, it's Citrus Heights territory.  I kind of know the area, been there before visiting friends, and that's where I was processed through too, before being shipped across the country for the training I never got to finish (or get a decent start on).  I can drive that area without needing to bug bro to come with.