March 15th, 2012


The House of the Sick

We are in the House of the Sick lately.  First, the Squeaker had a flu in the head (I like stomach flu far better, but this was the diagnosis).  Said head flu turned to ear infection.  Antibiotics were prescribed.  She hadn't been on them long... then she woke this morning with her eyes stuck shut.  After much washing to get them open, she was able to see and I was able to get her up to take her morning dosage... which she had a hard time swallowing.

Conjunctivitis was the diagnosis on the eye goop, exactly what I had thought, and what Vad had thought.  Now, while Merlin was also with us in the Dr office while the Squeaker was being seen, Mommy spots The Goop in one of Merlin's eyes.  Thusly, Dr and Nurse swoop down and check on it.  And it was therefore said he was just catching it, already in one and spreading to the other...  Thusly both kids are prescribed eye drops.

Getting the drops into Merlin's eyes is Not Easy.

It has been a very busy day... -_-