March 12th, 2012


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So dropped Athena off at school.  Talked to teacher a bit.  Conversation goes:

Teacher: Are you aware of your daughter's writing abilities? *looking awestruck and pleased*
Mom: Yes, isn't she great?  I'm very proud of her.
Teacher: She's phenomenal!  She's great with description.  Spelling needs a little work, but her writing is phenomenal.
Mom: I know.  Did you know that she wrote her first story at four?  I still have her manuscript, and she intends to go back to it someday and make it better.  I'm so pleased with her writing.

Conversation turns to other things, but having her writing brought up to me after her writing aptitude test, and hearing praise for it from someone other than myself was very pleasing.  Makes me very happy for others to also see her strengths and potentials.  And I like being able to share when nice things are said, since it's not all "aaahhhh she's so stubborn."  I hope she continues with her love of writing, because it was great listening to her when she had been talking to me about her writing test, and hearing how excited she was to get to write a story for a test.